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Intensive care is a highly specialized unit for the patients requiring intensive monitoring and patient care. An entire floor is dedicated for the ICU care. There are total 6 ICU beds. The ICU’s are well equipped with high end ventilators and monitors. The ICU is staffed 24 hrs a day by qualified doctors and nurses.

Positive and negative pressure rooms required in certain cases. The doctors conduct daily rounds and with their team to develop the individualized plan for the patient. The ICU features a central computerized monitoring system and computerized medication administration record to ensure optimum patient care. Portable X- ray and USG and color doppler facilities are also available.

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Gynecologists are doctors who specialize in women's health, with a focus on the female reproductive system.

They deal with a wide range of issues, including obstetrics, or pregnancy and childbirth, menstruation and fertility issues, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), hormone disorders, and others.

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RADIOLOGY A variety of imaging techniques such as X-ray radiography, ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine including positron emission tomography (PET), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are used to diagnose and/or treat diseases. Interventional radiology is the performance of medical procedures with the guidance of imaging technologies.

Radiology is the specialty of medicine that deals with the study and application of imaging technology like x-ray and radiation for diagnosing and treating disease. Imaging plays a vital role in determining the accuracy of diagnosis and the subsequent planning of treatment. The clarity and intricacy of the images help doctors plan every aspect of surgery or medicine. In short Imaging is the visual inspection of internal organs without incisions.

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Pharmacy running 24 x 7 is open for dispensing drugs to the patients. The pharmacy ensures that all the medicines are authentic and stored according to the required standards needed.

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Pathology Laboratory

Pathology laboratory has been established in the hospital to provide to the patients range of investigations under one roof and to get the reports at the earliest which will ease in the management of the patient. Great emphasis has been given on the accuracy, precision and speed of reporting.

The laboratory has been equipped with best quality equipments. Laboratory is looked after a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors and their supporting staff. The laboratory team is constantly making efforts to give patients quality service at a affordable cost.